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Study: Mesothelioma Survival Improved by Bevacizumab

A new study, released in December 2015, has revealed that a regime of bevacizumab, pemetrexed and cisplatin lengthens and improves mesothelioma survival time.

The study, performed on 448 individuals who were newly diagnosed with pleural mesothelioma, found that patients who took this new three-drug combination had a longer overall survival time with a median of 18.8 months.

The median overall survival time for patients who received standard care without these three medications was 16.1 months.

The study’s authors, the French Cooperative Thoracic Intergroup, determined that “the addition of bevacizumab to pemetrexed plus cisplatin significantly improved OS in malignant pleural mesothelioma at the cost of expected manageable toxic effects, therefore it should be considered as a suitable treatment for the disease.”

Oleuropein and Mesothelioma

In another recent discovery, Italian scientists have found evidence to suggest that a compound derived from olive tree leaves may bring benefits to mesothelioma patients.

The compound, called oleuropein, is found in olive tree leaves and argan oil, amongst other items. The Italian researchers found that the oleuropein acted like an antioxidant, thereby disrupting the mesothelioma cells’ ability to reproduce and replicate. This would, in turn, stop or at least slow the growth of this aggressive form of cancer.

Thus far, the researchers have only tested oleuropein on mesothelioma cells in the lab. Further tests in live humans are still a significant way down the road. But the early findings are positive, as researchers reported that this possible mesothelioma treatment had a “significant anti-proliferative effect” on mesothelioma cancer cells.

This particular study was authored by Carla Marchetti of Geneva’s Consiglio Nazionale delle Ricerche.

Notably, mesothelioma is a rare form of cancer, with a significant percentage of cases associated with asbestos exposure.

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